Festival Season 2018

The Dog has enjoyed a great summer of Festivals in 2018.
Starting with the Northampton Beer Festival in Beckets Park in early June we played the Wappenham Beer Festival later the same month in searing heat on the back of a flat-bed truck! The weather was good for the Crick Beer Festival at which we played for the 3rd year in a row.
It was third-time-lucky at Thornby Beer Fest too as the stage was bigger this year and we all fitted on (unlike last year!!) Finally in early September (before the rain came) we were invited back to MillFest at Bromham near Bedford to open the evening session.
Other highlights of Summer ’18 were the Cottingham Pocket Park Party – an acoustic set on another warm day – and the Beat Route Radio Summer Bar BQ in Rushden. Somewhere in the mix we also played a balmy night in Harlington Village, near Luton: lucky the tour-bus knew where it was going!!