Asta La Vista 2021!

Mixed feelings about seeing the back of 2021! Not as many gigs as we’d have liked but we did some outdoor gigs late-summer. In addition we’ve done lots of work on new tunes ….

Yellow Dog New Tricks was our 2nd CD with the 2019 tunes on and you can listen now by clicking the Sound Cloud icon or clicking to start the You Tube stream ….. it represents a previous era now – enjoy!

When Lockdown 1 ended, 3 of the band were able to rehearse regularly and before Lockdown 2 we recorded 9 brand new tunes, 5 of which were borne of lockdown/Covid 19 etc.  In addition we have 4 original tunes that Chris and Kevin wrote years ago for other bands and (with a little time on our hands) we’ve re-worked them for 2020/2021. With more time, more tunes are coming each day/week/month ….. we may not be very visible but we have not been idle!

Slim Steve is mixing these tunes as we speak with a view to bringing these to you, via soundcloud, as soon as the 3 of us can all listen together.

As per the new logo at the front of the site, the Yellow Dog has gone all “3” …… there’s three of us now and this is our third crop of songs ….. probably we’ll release 3 to start with, too!

Did you know we’re a party band’ now too? If you’d like to book us for a private gig/function/event (when we’re allowed out), please call Slim Steve on 07739 808009. Price includes PA, lighting and a sound-engineer.